25 Things I Never Tire Of

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Taking a cue from Beth:

25 Things I Never Tire Of

  • hot bubble baths
  • candles
  • incense
  • a good book
  • chocolate
  • frozen yogurt
  • the moon
  • the constellation Orion (no clue…)
  • sleeping in
  • rain
  • dancing
  • listening to music
  • quiet time to myself
  • taking long walks
  • new clothes
  • watching MissMunchkin discover new things
  • learning new things myself
  • traveling
  • redecorating a room
  • walking through new houses/apartments
  • musicals
  • going to the theatre
  • writing
  • getting a new movie from NetFlix.com
  • going on a date with my partner
  • What do you never tire of?


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