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I woke up this morning to my blankets being removed.

We have all used the same blankets for the past two years at least. This last week MissMunchkin has decided they are not acceptable. She will no longer accept the large quilts I keep for company. Now it seems the afghan I’ve used for longer than her life can not reside on my bed.

I was going to clean out my car this morning. After pulling into the car wash place, I decided to go get my oil changed first. Walmart would let me get cash back and then I would actually have coins to vacuum and whatnot.

So I head to Walmart to get my oil changed. Now, my car just had it’s oil changed last week when the oil pan decided it was tired of holding oil and wanted to retire.

Now, it’s not really the shop’s fault they put the wrong oil back in. The car says it wants performance grade oil. The thing is, performance oil is actually too heavy for it. Don’t ask.

So, I park around back at the auto center. Their attendant is outside helping a couple. I decide to wait in the garage as 1) it’s cold and a bit windy and 2) MissMunchkin likes cars.

Fast forward half an hour and many letters and numbers found. The attendant gets done with the couple and their two cars. She drives them inside and I wander back outside to the podium. As I get over there, two more people show up. She starts talking to one of them. Hey. Thanks goes out to him for telling her I was next.


“Oh, you are waiting? I thought you were just standing over there.”

Yeah, uh-huh. I just hang out in the cold at Wal-mart garage with the sniffles and a two year old for the fun of it. Riiight.

I tell her I need an oil change. Plain and simple, just an oil change.

It turns out at this Walmart your car has to be here in this special lane to do that. Ohkay. She can’t even do all my information until I move the car.

I’m really not in the mood to argue. It’s cold, my toddler wants to run around, and I would just like to get this over with.

I go get the car and drive it over. This includes buckling a child back into a car seat, stashing her bag, getting in, driving, getting back out, unbuckling the child and gathering her bag all while making sure MissKitty stays in MissMunchkin’s arms.

During this process the lovely attendant has started helping one of the others. Fine, okay, I’m all one for not wasting time.

Fifteen minutes and one tire found. “What did you want?”

Well, let’s see. I already told you and now I’m in your special “oil change only” lane. I don’t know what I want. You tell me.

I give her all my information, which probably included what shoes my great aunt wore at her wedding.

Finally, I get to go inside.

I get one break; there was actually a cart there. Stash one munchkin (the seat says 35lbs, yeah, I don’t really care), two coats, a backpack, again all while making sure MissKitty stays in MissMunchkin’s arms.

I wanted tissues, I’ve had a cold and I need more. Now, I know they are over in the food area but I go to the pharmacy. My rational? I’m sick, tissues are for sick people. Go figure.

An hour later. We have seen lots of letters and numbers, MissMunchkin now knows the dollar sign and I have three things in our cart. I had planned on two of them. The third was a placemat with numbers on it, that was okay.

I slide my card and hit no cash back. Not half a second later I remember that whole get coins idea. Oh well, it can wait.

On our ten minute drive home MissMunchkin announces she’s “ungry” and would like “chacolit milk”. Luckily she agrees to wait till we get home.

There’s the CVS sign. Oh yeah. In we go.

MissMunckin would still like that chocolate milk.

“That’ll be $40.”


“Right. $40.”

That’s double my normal copay. Which means when I brought the Rx in they never told me it was in a different Tier or if there might be a generic. (That was also the day I waited 20 minutes for them to tell me they’d have to order it in.)

In the end I pay for it. The doctor gave me a sample and it is helping my hand. (My fingers have always done this weird thing, this year my hand has decided to play too so I gave in and had it looked at.)

We make it home and start lunch. I’m trying get back to eating salads for lunch (as opposed to nothing *cough*).

I should have prepped everything last night. I was a prep cook for over a year, you have to do these things. But I didn’t feel good and well…

Half an hour later I have been told “salad” and grandma 120 times. Things now belong to one person and no one else can do anything else with that thing.

After lunch I have to make another appointment with a doctor. I can’t help wonder if you could get to see any doctor in two weeks if you told them you were about to die. This time I only have to wait three weeks (if I wanted a different day it would be six).

I get around to check my email. There’s an email for my mother with subject “restart the week?’.

It seems my little brother actually got up this morning to go job hunting and my grandfather might be headed her way.


And it’s only halfway into Monday… Did anybody remember to put dinner in the crockpot??


This Week’s Findings

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Short and sweet this week, to make for this week’s Life Beyond The Box post.I have decided Elmo is brainwashing our kids. My evidence:He now has the last half an hour of Sesame Street all to himself.Both versions of Tickle Me Elmo sold out at a ridiculous rateThere is nearly a whole aisle in Wal-Mart just for Elmo dolls.And now MissMunchkin has to stop for each and every Elmo she happens to. He must be greeted and told ‘bye-bye.’

I’m scared to think why a little fuzzy red monster wants our kids for….


Something to post

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I apologize for the disappearance of the last weeks.

I can’t settle on a topic. So, in an effort to post something, anything, we’ll do some self-inflicted memes

Ice in your drink, or no ice?
No ice, but it has to be cold.
Shoes or barefoot?
Newspapers or online news?
Zoos or amusement parks?
Baseball or football?
Movies or TV?
Hmm… Good TV on DVR to skip the commercials


Name three albums that you would give ‘two thumbs up.’
Any by Alanis Morissette or Matchbox Twenty, which more than three so :^P


In the song I’m currently listening to, U2 proclaims they still haven’t found what they’re looking for. What are you looking for? Have you found it?
Sanity, and no.


1. They say every snowflake is unique. Name a musician who you think is unique and sounds like no one else.
Alanis Morissette

2. Snowfall covers everything in sight. Tell us about a cover song you enjoy.
Anyone of the million covers of ‘Paint it Black’

3. It snows a lot in Canada. Tell us your favorite Canadian musician.
Which ones are Canadian??

4. Watching the snow fall can be very peaceful. Name a song that brings you peace.
Hm… ‘Thank You’ by Dido or most anything by Enya


Harvard just announced Paris Hilton as Woman of the Year – a very unpopular choice. Who do YOU think should be Woman of the Year?
Britney Spears.
LOL, kidding… I have no clue.


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