25 Things I Never Tire Of

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Taking a cue from Beth:

25 Things I Never Tire Of

  • hot bubble baths
  • candles
  • incense
  • a good book
  • chocolate
  • frozen yogurt
  • the moon
  • the constellation Orion (no clue…)
  • sleeping in
  • rain
  • dancing
  • listening to music
  • quiet time to myself
  • taking long walks
  • new clothes
  • watching MissMunchkin discover new things
  • learning new things myself
  • traveling
  • redecorating a room
  • walking through new houses/apartments
  • musicals
  • going to the theatre
  • writing
  • getting a new movie from NetFlix.com
  • going on a date with my partner
  • What do you never tire of?


    The Start of Something New…?

    Ξ December 21st, 2007 | → 0 Comments | ∇ bath, books, MissMunchkin, my partner, sleep, writing |

    I wrote in Adventures With MissMunchkin about the possible end of naptime and the subsequent earlier bedtime.I’ve been dreading the end of naps. It’s been like that lunch break they give you on a job. Even when you love your job, a break is nice; being able to get something to eat is even better!

    After a week of 8 o’clock bedtimes, I’m beginning to change my tune. MissMunchkin has suddenly morphed into Miss Independent, so much so that I’m not even noticing naptime came and went without a nap. I’m even getting to eat the occasional hot meal!

    After MissMunchkin is asleep, usually within 15 minutes, I have a good two hours, if not three, before my partner gets home from work. (It’s Christmas, I’m lucky he gets to come home at all.) I have time all to myself to do . . . well, whatever I want.

    As a result of my new-found time, I have rediscovered more forgotten pleasures than just reading.

    • A hot bubble bath. Nothing washes away the day like a hot bath, throw in that good book and you may have found heaven.
    • Shaving more then once in a blue moon. ‘Nuff said.
    • Time and feeling like (see bath) changing into some “non-Mommy” clothes.
    • Actually being able to cook a real, hot, semi-adult meal and then being able to sit at the table and enjoy it with my partner.
    • Being able to write without fear of interruption without warning. Nothing breaks your train of thought like a crying child.

    MissMunchkin is also sleeping through the night with the occasional exception. So, my sleep deprivation is wearing off, which means I’m still awake enough after 9pm to do all these things. Although I’m afraid all this seems to be leading to a new kind of sleep deprivation . . . Ah, well. Maybe I’m just not meant to get sleep!


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