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This idea seems to going around. I think it started here and Mom wrote about hers. She had some interesting things she wants to learn, like the banjo. *still trying to picture that one*

I thought I’d start with current classes at Skye Academy.

Future Classes:

  • Welsh
  • Welsh Myths & History
  • Early British Myths & History
  • Hinduism
  • Indo-European Studies
  • Runes
  • Tarot
  • Astrology
  • Archaeoastronomy/Ethnoastronomy (wiki)
  • Constellations
  • Some sort of traditional Martial Art
  • Traditional/Folk Drums
  • Hiking/Backpacking
  • Mountain Biking
  • Dance (take your pick…)
  • Photography
  • Scrapbooking
  • Herbs
  • Gardening
  • How-to (finish and) publish something

I think I need to stop… Maybe I’ll just add more on a page somewhere….


O … Men

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Last night was “Make Snacks Night”. I had been jabbered at several times in the past two days because I would not produce “O’s” for snacks.I made dried apple rings with the last batch of apples which were proclaimed “O’s” by MissMunchkin and quickly devoured. I realized (after being lectured by the two year old) that I needed to make more next time.

I had just started washing the apples when my partner came home from work. I know because he made some smart-ass comment about the gloves I’ve started wearing when doing anything entailing water and/or scrubbing. (My fingers have issues of their own …)

He sat down at the table to eat and then talked for over an hour. He watched as I washed the apples, sliced them, cored them, put them on the dehydrator trays, and one-by-one put the trays on the machine.

As I was finishing up the last apple he came over and put his plate in the sink. He looked at the dehydrator for a minute.

“… Are these really any good?” he asked as he eyed the apple rings uncertainly.

I put the last ring on the last tray and look at him.

“They’re pretty good … after they’ve dried.”

“Oh… that’s why they look so weird.”

*eye roll*



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MissMunchkin and I both do better with a set routine, day in and day out. So, one of my projects this month was to get back on track in that department. Last fall I had been doing pretty good with the help of FlyLady. Somewhere between here and there it got lost.

I spent a good share of the first two weeks of the year figuring out what needs to be done and actually (and this is the key) writing it down. While I have unsubscribed from the FlyLady lists (too much mail to ignore), I have stolen quite a bit from her site.

One big thing I changed was writing everything on the computer, using Google Docs, instead of in a binder. I don’t know what I’m going to do if Google goes down… it seems to be managing more and more of my life.

I now have a daily and weekly schedule, which has made a major difference in my mental health and MissMunchkin’s growing independence. To my partner’s chagrin I even scheduled things that needed to be done on his day off. Even though they weren’t necessarily things he himself had to do, he was still greatly impressed (ha!).

I think what I’m enjoying the most, and wished I had done long ago, is my grocery list. I wrote down everything we use and eat regularly, printed it and stuck it on the fridge. Then I splurged on so highlighters to highlight items as we use them. Now instead of having to spend an hour (or more) trying to make a list before going to the store (and usually forgetting something), I just grab the list off the fridge and go. It works wonderfully, as long as I remember to print off a new one and keep highlighting!


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