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Short and sweet this week, to make for this week’s Life Beyond The Box post.I have decided Elmo is brainwashing our kids. My evidence:He now has the last half an hour of Sesame Street all to himself.Both versions of Tickle Me Elmo sold out at a ridiculous rateThere is nearly a whole aisle in Wal-Mart just for Elmo dolls.And now MissMunchkin has to stop for each and every Elmo she happens to. He must be greeted and told ‘bye-bye.’

I’m scared to think why a little fuzzy red monster wants our kids for….


Today’s Grade: F

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I’ve been experiencing headaches and dizziness the past couple days. Only two things cause that, my meds or my eyes. As I haven’t messed around with my meds lately, I called to get my eyes checked out. Luckily, Shawn had the day off and one place covered by my insurance had an opening. (Another had openings, just no doctor.)

Sure enough, I needed new lens. In one to two weeks I’ll have new glasses and contacts! In the meantime I have my old glasses and one trial pair of contacts.

The contacts are slightly off in one eye. I have an astigmatism in that eye that needs a different kind of lens! The doctor and his assistant both agreed with my husband’s assessment of my being difficult.

I’m not sure what I am going to do for the rest of this week; with my old glasses I can see close up okay and with the contacts I can see distance pretty good. Even up close my eyes still aren’t really appreciating my glasses, but upclose with my contacts is blury. This week shall be interesting.

In the meantime I’m giving The Powers That Be an ‘F’ for all the people that they couldn’t make good vision for, yet just couldn’t get them to blind. I see the point and lessons behind those. What is the bloody point being halfway in between and a getting nausea just sitting here??


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