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First, sorry about the irregular postings. I find myself ending up with more and more projects on my list.

I just got done watching my latest Netflix selection. I recommend watching Lions for Lambs. I’m still not sure if I entirely liked it or not. Usually I watch a dvd once and send it back. This one I am going to watch at least once more before returning it.

Lions For Lambs is one of the few movies I’ve seen recently that has made me stop and take note. The message can only be emphasized by this. I only heard about it on the Newshour on earlier this week. I added it to my queue, noting that it released this week. I moved it to the top on my list, hoping I would get to see it sometime next month.

Usually there is a long waiting list for new releases, especially ones with big names, and while Tom Cruise is out of vogue lately, well, it’s still Tom Cruise.

Imagine my shock when I received it this afternoon. That meant it had to have shipped the morning of its release!

I’m going to try to make a more coherent post to Beyond The Box this coming week.

Until then, go find Lions For Lambs, watch it, and ask a question or two.


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